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App Cloner Premium 1.5.0 Apk


App Cloner Premium 1.5.0 Apk

App Cloner Premium

App Cloner Premium is an app that we can use to make copies of any app on your smartphone or tablet android. The difference between the original app and the cloned app is that the copy (cloning) will change and affect some of the previously functioning apps. For example, Youtube will not run properly without proper licenses and certificates.

The process to clone an app with Cloner Premium App is very simple and easy. You just choose the app you want to duplicate or cloned, then change the name (for example if you want to make a copy of Bigo, the copy will be named Bigo2) and you can change the color of the app icon so it’s easier to distinguish.

App Cloner Premium is very useful for those who have multiple accounts and want to enter at the same time. That not all applications can be made copies (cloning). On the application has been told there are some applications that can not be cloned.

App Cloner Premium

App Cloner Premium

App Cloner Premium features:

  • Cloning aplikasi Android tanpa komputer
  • Cloning aplikasi tanpa harus compile, decompile dan signing
  • Ringan
  • Tidak perlu akses root
  • Fitur notifikasi jika ada aplikasi yang tidak bisa digandakan
  • Create multiple app clones & use batch cloning
  • Save or share cloned apps
  • Replace launcher icons

Display options:

  • Change status, navigation and toolbar colors
  • Changethe rotation lock
  • Change the app language, font, font size
  • Keep screen on, immersive mode
  • Enable multi-window support, change window size

Privacy options:

  • Remove app permissions
  • Password-protect apps
  • Incognito mode for apps
  • Exclude app from recents
  • Prevent app from appearing in screenshots
  • Spoof location

Storage options:

  • Allow apps to be installed on the external SD-card
  • Allow/prevent app backups
  • Sandbox external storage
  • Clear cache on exit

Launching options:

  • Remove widgets, launcher icon
  • Disable auto-start
  • Disable app defaults

Networking options:

  • Disable mobile data
  • Disable background networking
  • SOCKS proxy (route traffic via proxy)

Notification options:

  • Notification filter
  • Silence notifications
  • Change notification color

Automation options:

  • Set brightness or mute on start
  • Do not Disturb, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth controls
  • Tasker integration

What’s NEW :

  • Disable contacts/calendar/call log & SMS access
  • Disable wake locks & Make Home app
  • Redirect external storage
  • Disable share actions
  • Clipboard timeout & Set clipboard data on start
  • Replace notification text
  • Tint status bar icon
  • Show notification time, Notification priority, Remove notification icon & Remove notification actions
  • Android version & Build props
  • Facebook/Twitter login cloning options & ignore updates
  • Cloning is now enabled on LineageOS by default
  • Bug fixes

App Info:

  • Name: App Cloner Premium
  • Category: Tool
  • Developers: AppListo
  • Size: 11 MB
  • Required: OS Android 4.0.3+
  • More Info: Google Play

App Cloner Premium 1.5.0 Apk

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